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Reflexology and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in a life. However nausea, discomfort and fatigue can take away a lot of the joy. Not much medication can be taken during pregnancy, so I get a lot of mothers-to-be coming to me for reflexology to help with their symptoms.

Some come throughout the pregnancy for preventative or maintenance treatments, some only when they are in some sort of discomfort, and others just on their due date hoping to kick-start labour!

It is the ideal treatment during pregnancy. It is gentle, non-invasive, profoundly relaxing and very effective at easing the body through all the changes it has to undergo. It has also been shown to be safe throughout pregnancy (though there are a couple of instances where it is contra-indicated and caution should be applied during the first trimester - please ask if you have any concerns).

Weekly reflexology sessions with Rupert has helped my pregnancy aches and pains go away. I have also noticed no more headaches since receiving his treatment. I highly recommend his services, specially those who are pregnant and want to aliviate stress. - Victoria Tosti Ibáñez

5 ways reflexology can help during pregnancy

1) Produces a feeling of profound relaxation leading to a reduction in stress & tension
2) Can provide relief for all the major and minor symptoms associated with pregnancy
3) Eases the body through all the changes, helping prevent problems arising in the first place
4) Soothes tired and aching feet as well as helping oedema
5) Can significantly reduce labour times. (Research by G. Motha & J.Mcgrath in 1992 has shown that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can significantly reduce labour times)

Aside from these, pregnancy is a time to put your feet up, indulge yourself a little and prepare for the journey ahead

I can't recommend Rupert highly enough. He gives the best treatments in a very relaxing place. Very professional, knowledgeable and always available. I have also been having treatments during my pregnancy and I have to say that it helped me to have a quicker labour. Thanks Rupert! -Giorgia Cecconi

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